December 13th, 2020
3 min read

My Journey Raising Guide Dog Puppies

Kaiser With Titan, his guide dog puppy Hello everyone! My name is Kaiser Williams, and I am a puppy raiser for the Bellevue Chapter of Guide Dogs for the Blind. I have been a puppy raiser since 2017, raising my first guide dog puppy named Titan. Titan is a male black lab who has lots of energy and love and I enjoy spending time with him every day. Apart from being a puppy raiser, I am 16-year-old High Schooler interested in coding, and hopes to study computer science to improve and augment human heatlh.

So how did I become a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind? Well, back when I lived in Japan, I was a guide dog puppy raiser for the Japan Guide Dog Organization (Nihon-Moudouken-Kyoukai). There, I trained two fantastic guide dog puppies named Gyro, who I raised when I was ten (with my family), and Timber, who I raised when I was 14. I just had so much fun raising these furry friends, so I definitely wanted to keep raising guide dog puppies after moving to Bellevue. At first, I didn’t know anything about the guide dog culture in the US, but then I found out that there was a Guide Dogs for the Blind club in Bellevue, so my family and I decided to attend one of the meetings to see what its like. I was so happy to interact with puppies again, and my family and I attended many meetings to learn about handling these wonderful guide dog puppies (There were many notable differences in training methods in Japan and GDB which was intriguing!). Kaiser With Titan, his guide dog puppyOnce we were ready and with our leader’s approval, we finally committed to becoming a raiser and had the chance to raise our first guide dog puppy for GDB! I’m so grateful being surrounded by wonderful people who make my raiser experience enjoyable, and I’m learning and growing everyday with Titan!

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