March 9th, 2021
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Why Puppy Raising is Worth It

Raising a puppy as a Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) puppy raiser is a gratifying experience in so many ways. Knowing that your commitment will make an impact on the blind and visually impaired community and the GDB organization makes the responsibility worth it. A few puppy raisers share why volunteering for GDB and working with their amazing puppies is so special.

Black lab puppy in training sitting in front of children's playground.

One aspect puppy raisers love is the relationships they build with other raisers in their puppy club. “Puppy raising is worth it to me because of the community developed along the way as a puppy raiser. I have met some of the most amazing people through my puppy raising club and the online puppy-raising community,” says Chloe Miller, a puppy raiser in Fort Collins. Spending countless outings and meetings with your local club members and their puppies in training builds lasting memories that make them feel like family. Puppy club members also support each other through puppy sitting and giving helpful training tips.

Arguably the most worthy reason why puppy raising so gratifying is achieving the end goal: to provide a blind/visually impaired individual with a guide dog you raised and trained. Ashley Tobin, a puppy raiser from Reno, NV., says that “there is no better feeling than being able to give back through what you love and having the ability to change someone’s life. Seeing a puppy grow into such an incredible dog makes it all worth it!” Chloe also adds how “the potential outcome of the sweet puppies you raise becoming guide dogs and the amazing impact that has on the life of someone” is what puppy raising is all about. Indeed it is.

Seeing your dog grow to become intelligent and reliable is an unexplainable feeling. Isabella, a puppy raiser in Poulsbo, WA. who recently had her puppy, Raider, recalled, says that “raising Raider has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life! Helping him become the confident, brave, intelligent dog he is today has been such an incredible journey, and watching him excel in all areas of training makes all of the extra months of uncertainty so worth it.” Puppy raisers frequently do training exercises with their puppies that teach the basic skills guide dogs need. Seeing your puppy excel gives you “the feeling of success. Whether that’s your puppy getting something you’ve been working on, or seeing them living the life that’s best for them after puppy raising, knowing you’ve done your best and the puppy is happy is extremely gratifying” says Gabriela Rodriguez, a puppy raiser from Pasadena, CA.

GDB is an amazing organization that strives to create a world with greater inclusion, opportunity, and independence by optimizing the unique capabilities of people and dogs. Approximately 2500 puppy raisers for GDB are all proud that we can contribute to such an amazing cause. Hope Varner, a puppy raiser from Seattle perfectly summarizes: "what makes puppy raising worth it is being a part of the community with these dogs that are eager to assist and knowing you are doing it to better someone’s future!"

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