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Golden Retriever Puppy in Training sitting next to Santa sculpture
Black Lab Pupppy in Training sitting wand looking towards the camera with tongue out
White Lab Puppy in Training sitting in front of Christmas tree and presents.

Spreading Guide Dogs for the Blind's Mission

Supporting Guide Dogs for the Blind's (GDB) mission, as well as contributing to make a tight-knit GDB community through engaging articles.

Black Lab Puppy in Training sitting down at a Blueberry farm

One Article at a Time

Pup Talk features short articles and stories about GDB volunteers and contributors about the exciting experiences working with amazing pups. We also cover GDB clients' partnership with their guide dogs to honor the work of GDB.

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Share your experience as a GDB volunteer or a GDB graduate. Send us ideas for an article, and we will work with you to publish a piece that compliments the community!

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